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Hi my name is Kate Kim. I am 13 years old and turning 14 this August. An interesting fact about me is, I'm left handed and I am 50 percent North Korean. 5 traits people describe me by is shy, kind, smart. But 3 trait people who know me describe me as is annoying, dumb, lazy.

I am not athletic, I don't play any instruments and I hate math. Although I am in Math 8 honours, I still hate math with a burning passion. Although I hate many things, there are many things that I enjoy such as painting, baking, watching youtube, and listening to music. Some of my hobbies are painting my nails, playing with my dog (his name is Bean) and going to the beach.

My favourite band is blackpink, I turned into a fan ever since 2018. The band consists of Rose, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo, but my personal favourite is Rose. My favourite member is Rose because of her unique singing style and how she is always positive. There songs are different compared to other kpop bands, there not too girly . My favourite song from them is "Stay", but occasionly I hate the song because it is always stuck in my head.

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