Favourite Places to travel

Although I have only left Canada twice in my life, I still have many favourite places to travel to.

My favourite place to go to is Seoul in South Korea. It has many fashionable clothes and amazing food to eat. Everyone there seemed very polite, and the strawberries there were way sweeter than Canada. When I went there, all of the houses were appartments. The price of the apartments are unbelievably expensive, my Grandparents house is 2milllion dollars! My house is the same price andit has 20 times more space than my grandparents house. Nevertheless, the items and food were cheaper than Canada. I also like seeing my other family members like my cousins, grandparents, uncle and aunt in Korea because I don't have any other relative besides my regular family living in Canada.

My other favourite place to be is Whistler Great Wolf Lodge. I remember snowboarding there and I kept falling but it was very enjoyable. There were also wands that people can buy to make things in the hotel move. There were so many places to go and ech one of them were very fun. Usually on vacations, I just like staying in a hotel, but in whistler, I wanted to travel everywhere!

My last favourite place to go is my home. I tend to get homesick really easily, and home is the most comfortable place for me to be. I have never moved schools or houses, so change would be very knew to me. Mainly the people in my house make me feel at home, like my parents, my dogs, and even my siblings! The best times of the years where my home is my top priority to stay in is when it is winter. I like staying in my home while watching the snow land on the ground. Fourth page