Photo Shop Work!💜

This Webcite will contain all of my work that I did on Photo Shop.

Galaxy & Sunset!☀

This is Double Exposure Assignment on Computers. For the first image you see on the left, it is a galaxy photo with 2 of my favourite actors. I had some trouble with making that image because the image kept deleting. So, I had to individally delete each section of the background. The other photo to the right is a picture of Rose with a sunset background.

Animal Human & Combinaition

This is my Animal Human Combination. It has Steve from Stranger things with a Fox animal face. The other Image is used with the quick Selection tool and the magic wand. I copy and pasted the slected portions onto the background of a tv show called Peppa pig.

Man & Stan Lee

This is my 6 to one assignment. The one on the left is originally an old man combined with korean popstars. The one to the right is Stan Lee combined with Black Widow and other Kpop stars.

Fake Vacation!

I used the quick selection tool and used filters to make the images look almost real.


This was my first photo shop assignment, where I just used the rectangular tool to shape images.

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