Favourite Food

My top favourite food is berries. Anyone who knows me will know that I have an obbsession with eating berries, especially blueberries and strawberries. That's why my mom always goes to superstore to buy me fruit because that is mainly the only thing I eat (sarcasm). One time I ate a whole pack of blueberries in under 20 minutes and my parents were freaked out. Same goes for srawberries, but I like blueberries more because there usually more sweeter. I even grew my own blueberry and strawberry plant in the backyard.

My second favourite food is instant ramen. Not only does it cook very fast, it tastes absoloutely delectable. The brands actually make the ramen taste spicy unlike the hot cheetos brand that says the hot cheetos are spicy when there really just salty. Every time I eat ramen, it makes me jump with joy. It is probably the only food that I can't get sick of, which can be a bad thing because ramen is very unhealthy.

My third/last favourite food to eat is pho. Pho is a Vitnamese dish, it is like soup and noodles. Whenever it is a cold windy/cloudy day, pho is very freshing. I like putting a lot of siracha in the pho, and a lot of people think it's weird but in my opinion it makes it taste 8 million times better.